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We've designed this site to meet the needs of several different audiences. There is a row of buttons at the top of the page dedicated to each of these groups.

Residents of our community may select the "Living In" button to see information of interest to homeowners and other residents. This section includes information on public utilities, community organizations, and functions that allow residents to do business with our agencies.
Persons employed in or seeking employment in our community can visit the "Working In" section to find out about local labor regulations and employment opportunities.
Local businesses and businesses considering locating in our area may find topics of interest in the "Doing Business In" section.
People planning a visit to our community will benefit from the "Living In" section, where we discuss local attractions and provide links to area chambers of commerce.
Students of all ages will learn about educational opportunities in our "Learning" section, which has links to web sites describing local schools, colleges, and universities.
Anyone who needs to interact with our local government should visit the "Government" section, which enables you to contact our elected officials, any member of our staff, or learn more about any department or division.
The "Careers" section lists employment opportunities at our organization and at other organizations in the area.
The "FAQ" section provides the answers to Frequently Asked Questions you might have about our community or our government agencies.
Select "Announcements" for news of interest to the community about our organization.
Our "Events" page lists upcoming events in the community which you may wish to attend. This can include government meetings as well as cultural events.
Our "Privacy Statment" tells the extent to which your privacy is protected by this web site.
The "Accessibility" section describes how we have tried to make this web site as accessible as possible to disabled persons.
Our "Site Map" provides direct links to any page on this web site.
"Contact Us" will allow you to get in touch with our organization directly, either by phone, e-mail, or by submitting a question or request through our Request For Action system.